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Bayview Yards

Bayview Yards (BY) is a 46,000 square foot entrepreneurial hub, advanced manufacturing, and digital media space. This groundbreaking nerve centre is cutting edge, engaging hundreds of professionals and events every day.

LUNCH provides a full embedded café experience, as well as full-service reception catering, and vending to the space. The space was awarded to LUNCH based on the uniqueness of our off-site production facility which services BY remotely.

And the perks! Tenants are offered a monthly allocation of free coffee by BY. The program is facilitated by LUNCH using our partners at Equator Coffee. We track and monitor usage through the use of ChangeJar™ which provides accurate reporting to the client. This relationship allows us to customize incentivization programs better strengthen relationships within the hub.

The broad range of services LUNCH has been able to provide to a large and perfectly balanced audience easily suited the implementation of TheBigLunch experience at BY.