Need LUNCH today?

You-i TV

You.i TV builds screen-agnostic products that help media and entertainment companies deliver the best experiences. LUNCH pretty much does the same, but with healthy, freshly made corporate lunches and services. A pretty good fit, really.

Responding to the competitive nature of recruitment and retention of driven employees, You.i has sought to augment their inspiring workplace space and culture. You.i TV committed LUNCH to assist in the design, implementation and operations for a full service café, catering, and vending services for their move into a brand-spankin’ new 40,000 sq ft office environment in Kanata North’s tech hub. With a staff of 200 (and expanding – anticipating an additional 75 in the months to come) that’s a lot of mouths to keep happy.

LUNCH jumped in and worked with the architects to create the right look, feel and functionality for You.i’s staff cafeteria experience. You.i also wanted to offer an incentivization program involving coffee and healthy snacks which lunch facilitates seamlessly with ChangeJar™ through our point of sale.

Members of the LUNCH team work on-site daily in the cafeteria and with the You.i team This concierge service for all of their food and beverage needs has guaranteed the success of the program and is proof of LUNCH’s ability to tailor our services to their specific needs.

Because of You.i’s budgeted spend on catering services, as well as the projected growth in staff numbers, You.i were confident to commit to a baseline revenue stream adequate for the FullLunch.